Family Fun Day

Every couple of months Brandon and I try to set aside a full day of family fun.

We decided to spend the morning hours at the park and after nap we would go to this little carnival that popped up in a parking lot nearby.

We never learn our lesson, we shouldn’t tell the kids until we’re all loaded up in the car. Their minds run wild with questions while mine throbs from repeating everything 20 gazillion times.

Jaelyn thought going to the park meant no carnival that afternoon and Jenna couldn’t understand why we weren’t just putting our shoes on leaving, nappy haired and braless. Usually I don’t care about my attire but I try to dress nice on family fun days. I was even going to wear Spanx, but I couldn’t find them. They must be hiding from me; they can’t take all this sexiness at once. I understand, it’s a lot of pressure. 

Bearded J’s at the park.


We bribed the kids with Dairy Queen in order to leave the park without a scene. It was a mutual win, Brandon and I enjoy Dairy Queen just as much as the kids.

We got the kids their food and after the longest battle with Jenna over a vanilla milkshake or a cherry arctic rush, it was nap time.

After nap time it was carnival time. In essence it all sounded like so much fun. In reality it felt like hell it was so damn hot outside and all the carnies were screaming to get our money. Maybe not hell, maybe a strip club?

We had to wait until a

 certain time for wristbands so we decided to go ahead and grab some food. The kids were upset; they can’t eat at a time like this, there’s rides to be rode and games to be played.

They barely ate their food so Brandon and his mom took the older 2 around to play some more games and buy us time.

I stayed on the bench feeding Jace and enjoying the whole reason I go to carnivals, the food. I love their pork tenderloins and lemon shake ups.

The kids couldn’t wait any longer so we ended up buying tickets for them to ride the carnival rides. We bought Brandon tickets because the kids wouldn’t ride alone and there was no way my big ass was getting on any of the rides, look who assembled them. Fuck around and break a carnival ride? That’s a whole new level of fatness that I am not willing to hit.

The look I got from Brandon everytime he realized he would have to ride along with the kids was hilarious. Especially the dragon roller coaster, that look was a personal favorite. I will not lie; watching him struggle to get into that tiny spot made me feel good. I have leverage now! I’ll never have to sit in another booth again!

With every ride Jenna’s excitement grew; she was having the time of her life. With every ride Jaelyn’s anxiety grew; his smiles were beyond forced. Jenna was grinning ear to ear while Jaelyn was practicing his lamaze breathing.

Bearded J’s at the carnival.


When we left, it was late and the kids were grimy from sweat and dirt. I’m not proud of this but the only one who got a bath was Jaelyn. It was only because he had school the next day and I refuse to let him be the stinky kid in class.

When I laid in bed that night I realized family fun day should happen more often. I love my family and cherish every moment spent with them.



5 thoughts on “Family Fun Day

  1. Too funny!!! I understand those meltdowns because a lot of times, I’m the one having them! As for the fair, sounds fun! I too have “daddy” riding the rides. The state fair will be here in a couple of months. I can’t wait to see what drama that’s gonna hold for us! Thanks for posting with BlogDiggity!

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