Baby Jace



When I first found out I was pregnant with Jace, I knew having another baby would change my life but I never knew how much. He was by far the hardest pregnancy of all three. My last month was spent on bed-rest with false labor so bad it would register on a NST test and strong enough to alarm my OBGYN. Just climbing the stairs was enough exercise to onset false labor. It was crappy and amazing all at once. I wanted to (but not really) do stuff but doctor’s orders said I couldn’t. I was kind of winning.


I felt so bad; here I was at home every day and I couldn’t do anything for myself let alone care for my family. Brandon was awesome, he stepped up his game and did almost every chore there was. He mopped floors, cleaned bathrooms and even did laundry. Brandon just wouldn’t cook. But that’s only because he’s not a cooker, he’s more of a lets just order a pizza kinda guy. Which lead me to gain more weight in the last month of my pregnancy than I did prior.

Jaces delivery was everything I expected. By this time I was a C-section professional. The nurses had a good time with me, I was easy to care for.

Back in the delivery room, my nurse told me in the middle of the night they had to do an emergency c-section on a first time mother. The mom was a hot mess. Took almost an hour just to do her spinal tap because she was nervous and shaking. Screw that. 

I’ve been waiting 9 months to not feel anything from my boobies down. With 2 kids at home this was going to be a mini vacation for me. A vacation where I get my new baby and our main goal is to poop within 48 hours of delivery. I was going to have the time of my life! 

Our first night in the hospital was rough. Seemed like every pregnant lady in the city was in labor and no one wanted an epidural. Ladies, take the damn epidural! I assure you, other than a fist bump here and there no one cares if you gave natural birth or not. 


 was released from the hospital a day early. Under normal circumstances, I would have been pretty upset but they have this new no nursery policy now. Babies stay in your room 24/7. A heads up on the policy change may have influenced me to use my birth control more effectively.


etween the natural births with a bunch of tree hugging hussies and this keep your own baby bullshit policy, screw that hospital.

Honestly though had I known what the first 48 hours with 3 kids at home would be like, I would have never pushed that poop out a day early, never.

Postpartum with Jace was also the hardest for me.

My body wouldn’t heal properly. Brandon had to push gauze into my incision and flush it out daily with an antibiotic cleanser. How freaking humiliating. I don’t even fart in front of him and now I had to hold my fat roll up so he could clean me and shove me full of gauze. I’m lucky he’s awesome and thinks me being the mother of his children is sexy.

Jace has been a handful since birth. From the get go he suffered from baby of the family syndrome. I was only able to take one shower at the hospital because as soon as I would turn the water on he would cry. Damn that keep your own baby policy!


When the nurses would take him for vitals or tests, he would start crying the minute they’d push him out of my room and he wouldn’t stop until he was back in my arms. It made me feel good that he only wanted me but I really wanted to wash my lady parts. I wasn’t really a want, I needed to wash my lady parts!

Jaces behavior hasn’t changed much over the past year. The only things he did way before his time was crawl and walk. The boy needs to keep up with his older siblings. All other milestones he refused to meet.

I took Jace to his doctor for a routine checkup. I asked a lot of questions thinking something maybe wrong. His doctor diagnosed him with baby of the family syndrome. There was nothing to make them believe there was anything physically or mentally wrong with Jace. He just loved being the baby. Jace wouldn’t hold his own bottle at 9 months old because he was constantly on the go. To him that 15 minute bottle break was a euphoric utopia and there was no way he was holding his own bottle during such a blissful time. 

Jaelyn and Jenna dote on him like he’s a real Prince.  They always introduce him as their “baby brother Jace.” There’s no way you can’t dote on him. With that smile he can get away with anything. He’s not all sweet and happy though, if you make him angry its like playing with the devil.

I wish I had more stories to fill this with but Jace is only a year old. He’s already a shit-digger; such a handful, he gets into everything. I really can’t wait to watch him grow up. Jace has such determination and a good deposition that the world is truly at his fingertips. He’s going to do ginormous things and there’s no holding him back. That kid is going to shine brighter than any star you’ve ever seen.

Jace is my happy ending; no more babies! Hallelujah!




7 thoughts on “Baby Jace

  1. Awww! That Baby of the Family Syndrome is as real as shit gets! Those kinda kids are the most difficult ones that cause the most gray hairs & stress cuz everything they do is with sheer determinination that would put Olympic hopefuls to shame! You’ll need all the caffeine in the world trying to break through whatever they’ve set their mind on accomplishing, even if it’s just the refusal to hold his own bottle cuz he alreay knows the world is full of minions willing to follow his every command!

      • That’s because I have one who was technically booted from her position of Baby with the birth of Stinx yet still refuses to relinquish the syndrome. At 6 & in durst grade, she demands I use the Sit-n-stand stroller cuz she shouldn’t have to walk around the block with everyone else but Stinx. Still drags a bankie around, sucks her thumb, & uses baby talk to sucker her dad into anything- like buying big girl, grown up makeup!

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