Life has never and probably will never be easy for Jaelyn. This is a very hard blog to write because it stirs up a lot of emotions for me. First and foremost I must say this; my son has a Learning Disability. As a family we never know what each day will bring us. It’s all new to us but as we learn to cope with his issues as a family, then Jaelyn flourishes as a child.


We have opted for medicine to help with his ADHD. This is not up for debate, this is what our family chose. We also chose during this time to engage Jaelyn in behavioral therapy. We brought in the therapist to help us reach a medication free lifestyle. One day he may not need medicine, I pray for that day. I also know that day may never come and I’ve come to terms with that. With that said, his learning disability does not define who he is; it is simply an obstacle in his journey.

When Jaelyn was 3 months old he underwent his first surgery. He was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. It’s where the muscle from the stomach to the small intestine is narrow and hard. They had to go in and snip it so he could pass food. His formula was spoiling in his stomach before it could make it to his small intestine. Every time I fed him he would projectile vomit everywhere, it was scary. His burps smelt like rotten eggs, it was foul. (He has also had numerous ENT surgeries over the years, with the most recent 2 months ago)

Months following his pyloric stenosis surgery, he quadrupled in size. He was the chunkiest little kid I had ever seen and he was beyond cute.

Jaelyn is in 1st grade now and it has been one hell of a road, already. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than ready to travel that same road for the rest of my life, I’m just exhausted. He’s turned into a product of his environment.

One day he came home and was telling me a story about the bad kids and how they had gotten in trouble. I smiled and asked him what it meant to be a bad kid. He said stuff about behavior in the classroom, they use bad words, and get in trouble a lot.

Jaelyn then said, “I’m not bad like them, not really.”

I started laughing and asked him what their names where. When he listed them off I noticed they were all kids I’ve heard him tell stories about that start off with my best friend. He was part of the bad kids! 

I called him out on his white lie and he retaliated in true Booga fashion, “I said I wasn’t as bad as them, they’re fun to me but I am not the baddest of them all.” Ok kid, you got me. In this case I’m proud to say he’s a follower and not a leader, though I wish he’d associate with the non-notorious kids and possibly lead that group.

Jaelyn is and always will be my hero. Before it was because he saved me but now it’s because I see him overcome so many obstacles. Something as simple as simple as tieing his shoes, takes a lot longer than other kids to learn. But he did it, because he’s a beast and with a lot of encouragement Jaelyn can accomplish anything he wants. Positive reinforcement is the key to success with him.

No matter where life takes him I will always be by his side, cheering him on. Six years ago I fell in love with this little baby I had grown inside of me. I didn’t know I could love someone that much. Over the years it has surpassed any expectations I had going blindly into motherhood.

Jaelyn is the bees-knees!



14 thoughts on “BOOGA BOOG!

  1. I can relate completely to wanting the medicine free life.. I hate the ADHD medicine and the “dead” look it gives my son but it calmed him down alot and he doesnt get in trouble in school. Well it stopped last yr in school when we started it.

    • Since this post I have stopped his hyperactivity medicine. The side affects of it were way worse then the benefit. It was causing horrible mood swings snd mean behavior. Honestly, hes just as hyper on it as he is off it. It was changing him. I do still administer a mood stabilizer, bc he has hortible sleeping issues and wiyhout that he’d go days with only sleeping a vpl hours a night.

  2. […] Jaelyn and Jenna dote on him like he’s a real Prince.  They always introduce him as their “baby brother Jace.” There’s no way you can’t dote on him. With that smile he can get away with anything. He’s not all sweet and happy though, if you make him angry its like playing with the devil. […]

  3. […] Jaelyn was having outrageous issues, that I still don’t know the reason behind. Jenna was so shy and introverted. The longer it went, the bigger toll it took on my body. And knowing that I was bringing another child into this, weighed very heavy on my heart. I was put on bedrest for the last month of Jaces pregnancy. Though I could not fully care for my kids, I was there more. I was there when they woke up and I was there when they went to bed. I needed that. I loved every minute I spent with them but the fear of going back to work haunted me. […]

  4. Your little man is a lot like my almost bigger than me little man Trentin, or Tee as I refer to him on my page! They really did save us from ourselves, didn’t they? It’s amazing what is all possible in the name of LOVE! With you as his momma, there’s NOTHING that’ll stop that boy from growing into a wistful & wise man one day! Thanks for letting us into your world!

    • Thanks for taking the time to read into our world. Jaelyn struggles but its really all he knows so to him, thats life. But to me I know the struggle, I understand it better than he does, for now. Breaks my heart BUT this year has beought awesome changes and hes doing much better!

      • It’s SO very hard watching them struggle through something you could never have chosen for them yourself. Tee has Dysgraphia so writing neatly for him is like asking someone to willingly break their fingers. Not being able to write well means not being able to read well despite ALL the effort put forth. And The Dunce is an introverted ADD child we’re at the point of needing to add medication into the mix for. Then there’s Bean who has intense phobias over the silliest of things to everyone else that produces such a high level of anxiety she makes ME wanna explode for her! Stinx is only going on three, so the only struggles we have to conquer as of yet are her lazy eyes.
        No where in the parenting books they tell you to read when you’re pregnant with your first do they warn of the pain & heartache you will feel for your child, with your child, instead of your child, when they face challenges unique to them. It makes us grow & find strength in the strangest of places, like on here, that we never would’ve considered before. Which takes us back to that old cliche- everything happens for a reason.

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