I am who I am



Jenny is a 31 year old stay-at-home-mom to 3 children, 1 bearded manchild, 2 dogs, and 5 goldfish. In Jenny’s 2 years of being a stay at home mom, she has realized the fish are the easiest thing to care for.

Jenny spends her days playing on Facebook cleaning the house and playing with her kids. While she spends her evenings drinking Jager bombs cuddling with her husband and watching mass amounts of “The Walking Dead.”

Jenny prides herself on having a healthy marriage. She married Brandon in a Viva Las Vegas wedding 5 years ago and has yet to regret a day of it. Jenny’s favorite love story is the story of how Brandon and Jenny became Brenny.

Jenny enjoys being super Mom to “the J’s”. Jaelyn, Jenna and Jace are the true super heros. They are Jenny’s reason for drinking living.

“Life with the Bearded J’s” is Jennys epic return to writing after a 12 year hiatus.







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