Princess Jenna

Jenna’s newborn photo shoot. I created this royalty mess.

Jenna is a real life Princess. Born and raised into what she truly believes is royalty. Mommy is the Queen, Daddy is the King and her brothers are Prince’s. I don’t know where our royalty lies or what I’m the Queen of. I’d ask Jenna but frankly I’m scared of her answer. She lacks the same sensor I lack. It truly is a blessing in disguise because it makes for fun conversations but I’m always scared of what she’s going to say in public.

She amazes me with her intelligence. She may turn out to look like eye candy for some rich guy but Jenna wouldn’t be able to just sit back and be someones house bitch. She’s entirely to sassy for that lifestyle. I can see her growing up and being a lawyer. She argues her way out of every thing and if she can’t argue her way out then she turns up the charm.

The other day she did something to warrant getting her hand swatted. I don’t remember what and it’s really not important.

Brandon had just walked in the door as I was telling her to give me her hand.

She said so sweetly, “I want Daddy to do it.” After I caught Brandon up on what was going on he asked for her hand.

As she was giving him her hand she said, “I need you to do it softer please.”

I couldn’t stop laughing. She owns Daddy’s heart and there was no way he was swatting that hand even remotely hard. It wouldn’t have been bad to begin with, Daddy has a soft spot for the Princess; that’s why she asked him to dish out the punishment. Add that to the do it softer comment and Brandon damn near just shook her hand. Afterall, she is Daddy’s Princess.

With a cute smile and a soft voice, she can get whatever she wants. That’s not really the problem though, the problem is she knows it. She already knows how to use her girly charm to wrap everyone around her finger. It’s not just any kind of charm though; she’s very sneaky and smart for her age.

Every day brings something new for Jenna. Something new that she wants to try. She lives every day waiting for the day she gets “a lil bit bigger, like Jaelyn.” So she can go to school with him, ride bikes with him, slide down the big slide at the YMCA and the most important thing is when they’re a lot older they’re going to live together.

Jaelyn has promised her they will play dolls, drink chocolate milk and eat pizza and candy all day long. I foresee them both having to move back home before the second months rent is due; both will develop diabetes within that month as well. That’s if neither kill the other one first. Fights over whose Elsa and whose Ana are beyond fierce. 

If they wanna live together, I’m all for it. I used to live with my little brother. Good, responsible times were had. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. I hope my kids have the same relationship with each other as I have with my siblings. It makes life easier to have lifelong friends who know your deepest secrets and still love you.

Jenna doesn’t hesitate to tell Jaelyn when he’s messing up or call him on his bullshit. She’s my little snitch. Jenna’s usually the first one on the scene when Jace takes a fall. She babies him like he’s hers. She’s even offered to change poopy diapers and all.

They may fight but they do love eachother. They are allowed to pick on one and another but if someone else tries all hell breaks loose. Maybe that’s what makes us suburban royalty. 

Jenna is sassy as all get out but I absolutely adore that about her.  Her smile melts my heart and her laughter is music to my ears. She shines so bright already that I cannot imagine what’s in store for her future. I’m just gonna sit back and watch her walk to her own beat because this is going to be one heck of a show folks; grab some popcorn.



12 thoughts on “Princess Jenna

  1. Your princess & my oldest one are much alike! They prove daily, despite what we’ve been led to believe, that their dad’s are really just soft wusses under all that tough exterior with every bat of their eyelashes & sickly sweet “Daddy save me from the wrath of Mommy!” Jenna sounds like she got that Sass from her momma too, but that’s just MY innocent observation, 😉

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