I Do What I Wanna

Very few things piss me off. I can usually look at a situation, say “fuck it,” and walk away easily. I’m not hard to get along with, simply put if I don’t like you, I stay away from you. If you annoy me, I avoid you. If you offer unsolicited parenting advice and think it’s ok I may or may not throat punch you. I just can’t be held accountable for my actions once you throw advice in my face.

I know there are touchy subjects when it comes to parenting. I chose to NOT discuss those topics on my blog but at the same time I would like you to know where I stand on certain issues.

If I write something, it’s what works with MY family. So here’s a few things you may not know about me and they may even piss you off but I don’t care because I’m not here for parenting advice. If I want advice I ask my Mom, not strangers.

With that said welcome to my small mind…

1. NONE of my kids were breastfed. I never got milk, meds and techniques didn’t prompt anything. I tried with all 3 and it never happened. My kids were ALL bottle fed and they seem to be doing just fine.

2. I will not homeschool my kids. I believe socializing with peers is a big part of childhood. If you choose to homeschool, more power to you. I don’t feel smart enough to teach my children, I’d rather them receive an education from someone who is trained to do so. My kids will never be a Kimmie Schmitt, tucked away underground alone for years, being taught by a dumbass.

I know kids who were homeschooled and as much shit as I may catch for this; some of them are weird, they live in their own little bubble and walk around waiting for the world to adjust to them. That’s not how life works, and if they attended a regular school they might have figured it out earlier in life.

3. I immunize my children. I believe the benefits outweigh the side affects. If you don’t want to immunize, thats on you. In the event of an outbreak my kids will be protected. It’s like wearing a seat belt. Why not do something that can prevent your death? Whatever your decision was, I don’t care because it ain’t got shit to do with me.

4. I don’t tolerate excessive bullying. There’s a fine line with getting teased and being bullied. A little teasing from peers is good for kids. Excessive bullying is not. Life isn’t always easy, there’s always going to be mean people. We need to allow our kids skin to toughen up. But we don’t want to break their spirit. It’s a fine line to teeter on, trust me I’ve teetered it already.

5. I am completely against co-sleeping. None of my children slept in our bed. It’s a hard habit to break and I enjoy sleeping. Brandon’s lucky he’s allowed to sleep in the bed with me.

6. Co-bathing is disgusting to me. I have nothing else to add to this, I avoid all conversations related to this topic because it grosses me out. No matter how innocent you may see it, I believe it blurs the line of right and wrong and can confuse a child. This is MOST DEFINITELY not up for debate.

I grew up in a time where not every cut needed a band aid. Not every story was told to my mom. The streetlights were my curfew. I played outside alone. I rode my bike in the street. I peed outside. I rolled around in dirt. I ate “ABC” gum off the sidewalk. I don’t remember ever riding in a carseat. I never looked both ways before crossing the street.


I want every parent to know you have to do what’s best for your family. These are my thoughts and my views. What works in my house probably will not work in yours. That’s how diversity thrives and I never want it die.

Don’t lecture me and I won’t lecture you.



11 thoughts on “I Do What I Wanna

  1. Preach it! Or don’t. .. whatever! 😉 I love you the way you are girlie.. the fact that we are the same in mind set is beside the point! ♡

  2. Yes Ma’am! I mean, I already loved you a little, but now I know I love you a lot. Do what works for YOU. And that doesn’t mean it’s right for ME. But that’s okay. Why can’t more people get that?! Boggles my mind.

  3. Ugh. I hate the preachy people. All of the little “issues” that moms/parents like to get all judgey on are so inconsequential in the long run. The only thing I don’t fully agree with here is the co-bathing. I do it with all three of mine. Even my teen. Ewwwww…. joking obviously. I didn’t even know that was a thing? But I will get a little preachy about the vaccines. Not vaccinating your kids puts others at risk. Babies who aren’t’ yet fully vaccinated are the ones dying from whooping cough and measles. Not to mention cancer patients who can’t have vaccines due to their compromised immune system. OK. Done preaching. Sorry.

    • I didn’t know cobathing existed until I became a blogger. The stories of kids asking about or touching areas they shouldn’t, tripped me out! That blurs a line that shouldn’t be blurred.

      I never thought about newborns affected pertaining to vaccines. That’s serious business. Good point! I see your view and agree 100%.

      Which it’s weird I didn’t think about it bc as soon as I read your comment I thought about an old episode of Law and Order: SVU. That happened to a baby, and they tried to hold the mom who didn’t vaccinate, accountable for the death of the infant. I can’t remember the outcome, of course! Now, I must find that episode and watch it!

  4. I love this post! I have had one in my mind for awhile now regarding stuff people say to me about my life/choices and about my kids etc. I, like you believe that to each their own when it comes to everything. I love that you wrote again….I haven’t written in quite awhile but keep feeling the stirrings in my brain to do so. I hope that this is just one of many new blog posts from you because I love you just the way you are! You rock!! 🙂

  5. Like religion, follow your own path and don’t judge others for walking theirs! What is so hard about that? I still don’t even understand the “mommy wars”!! What? In my day, us moms would get together, throw all the kids in the basement or out back in the hard to play and have at it. Unless arterial blood was flowing, if a tattle taler came up, he/she was just tossed back in with the herd. They straighten that shit out and establish order. As moms, we were just glad to see someone adult and although it usually took us about fifteen minutes to realize we were talking with other adults and actually use complete sentences with words containing more than two syllables, we sat and talked our butts off and actually laughed and talked about, wait for it, OURSELVES!! We didn not even consider wasting time on did you or did you not breastfeed, homeschooling took place at ‘weird lady down the street’ house and we supported each other and there were no “wars”. We all seemed to go back to work at some point, some right after a few months home, some were years later, some stayed home with their kids all the time. Who cares? We did agree on one thing, if a kid is old enough to walk up and ask for “the boob” – the kid is too old to be breastfeeding! Hahahaha. Glad you wrote again!

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