#1000Speak Amazing Compassion for Horrible Grammar

“I seen it”

“You SAW it. It’s your grammar. She doesn’t like you because your grammar sucks.”

Tears instantly ran down my face. My heart gained fifteen pounds in five seconds. The words on my phone became blurred. I no longer cared what he had to say. I needed to walk away.

My heart hurt.

There was no reason to reply to him, it wasn’t his fault. He hadn’t been hackling with the hens about why I wasn’t invited to the new blogging group. He didn’t want to be in the middle but that’s exactly where he was- right dab in the middle of my heart ache. But it wasn’t his words that hurt, it was hers.

I sobbed for hours.

She was friendly to my face which gave her words the ability to slice my heart in half.

Tears slowly escaped one by one for days.

Time spent writing was time wasted in vain. It’s time I can’t get back, time that could have been spent with my husband and children.

I sulked for weeks.

Quitting was the most viable option. If every blogger lacked compassion, walking away would be easy.

Then again, I’m no quitter. And I am firm believer that no two people are exactly alike.

Announcing to my blogging crew the possibility of my departure was harder than telling my Puerto Rican father I was pregnant out of wedlock.

The “no, you can’t leave” I expected was actually “no, you aren’t leaving” from them. Their reaction melted my heart. I felt wanted.




These are people I have never met. People who could walk pass me on the street and not recognize me. People who have never heard my laugh or seen me smile. People who like me for who I am.

These are people I adore.

Within days of being told my grammar sucked The Original Bunker Punks (the actual website) created something to not only make me feel better but to help others in similar situations.



The Original Bunker Punks (their Facebook page) have stood by me and created a movement in order to spread compassion across the blogging community.

These people have taken me under their wings and taught me the tidbits of knowledge I should have acquired in school. The compassion in their criticism is crucial. Each of them have helped me become a better writer because of something they have done or said along the way. I have flourished because of them.

For that, I am forever thankful.

Without compassion from The Original Bunker Punks I would not be here writing this right now.





25 thoughts on “#1000Speak Amazing Compassion for Horrible Grammar

  1. One of the things I love most about blogging is the community. There are a few bad apples but for the most part bloggers I’ve “met” have been caring and compassionate people. I’m sorry you had to experience the heartache that almost made you quit, but glad that your community quickly rallied around and lifted you up!

  2. Heart sister! We are family for life girl! We will always be! I will always stand behind you pushing you to the great heights I know you can achieve! ♡

  3. This really touched me. Don’t you EVER let the haters get you down. You’re all talent and heart and soul. Fuck the grammar.
    By the way, you broke records for youe daily views on the Sisterwives blog. Just sayin’.

  4. Grammar is important, but not nearly as important as the passion in what you write. (And I have my own love/hate relationship with grammar:) You say what you feel. That speaks volumes more than worrying about where you might dangle a participle. You make me feel your heart. That’s powerful stuff. And now that I have come to love you, you can’t go anywhere…you would be tracked down, for sure💗

  5. I have always thought you are an amazing writer! And shoot, that’s what spell check is for! You don’t HAVE to be a good speller. ❤ Sorry you had some doubts, but don't ever let another person convince you of what you are. I know it is hard, but you have to have a thick skin to survive the writing world. I struggle with that all the time. And likewise, you have to learn to let things go. Even when they hurt you. ESPECIALLY when they hurt you. There will ALWAYS be haters out there and we have two choices….join them or rise above them. I am glad you took your hurt and turned it into something beautiful. That is the best thing you can do. 🙂 xoxo

  6. I think you are amazing as a person and as a writer!! I hate that someone made you second guess your talent. Let the haters hate, they do it out of jealousy. You are one of the first people who encouraged me to go for it arena I am glad you did. You rock Jenny, always remember that. ❤

  7. Sweet mother of …
    I’m a nurse – who isn’t working as one right now but whatever – not an English major dammit.
    I’m horrible with grammar and I can only imagine the people who come across my space and want to throw me a dictionary….or a bottle of wine – I like wine – they can throw me that any time.
    Thankfully, there are people out there who accept us and want to HELP us.
    Keep pumping out the words!!!
    Did that sound weird?

  8. I don’t like grammar Nazi’s. I know what appropriate grammar is. I write like I speak day to day, why? because I’m from the damn south and we say ain’t and use incorrect tenses of verbs. Yes I know better but IDGAF. It’s called using your voice snobby grammar woman.

  9. This was beautifully written… I like yo’ gramma just fine… (Yes, I said YO’ and gramma) 🙂 because we all have ways of writing that might not be proper… but you know what… writing is beautiful… and this was as well! Screw whoever made you cry… and know that as someone who has never read your writings before this…I am not a fan and follower! ❤ Don't you dare stop writing…

  10. Good on you for writing about this! Shall I make a confession? (Takes a deep breath.) I’m a grammar nazi and a total nit picker about the English language. Would I judge someone for trying to do something and put something of herself out there in words though? Absolutely not. So you just keep doing what you’re doing and hold your head up. Well done 🙂

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