Dear Jenna



Dear Jenna,

Mommy always wanted to have a daughter. “Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.” Your kind heart, sassy attitude and generous soul are qualities people know you already posses. Those are the qualities you should work hard to maintain.

Mommy couldn’t wait to introduce you to tea parties, Barbies and makeup. You enjoying those thing’s makes life much sweeter. Every morning you come down for breakfast with freshly applied blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick, Mommy’s heart smiles. When it comes to make up, less is more, but no rush, apply your makeup how your heart wants. Always do what makes you happy, even if others gawk.

Mommy looks forward to your first dance, your first date and your first heartache. The world isn’t ready for you to date, please feel sorry for your Daddy and don’t rush boys. You have your whole life to handle them. For now, Daddy and your Brothers are the only boys you need to worry about. They’re the ones who’ll never let you down, they will always be there for you.

Purple bows, frilly tutus, high heels and red lipstick have always found their way into Mommy’s heart. They found their way into yours too. Mommy was worried -while Daddy was hoping- you would be a tomboy. If you decide to be one later in life, Mommy will always support and love you as well as be your biggest fan. You could never disappoint Mommy or Daddy.

The thought of lace bras, tampons and thongs makes Mommy cringe. The time for those will eventually come, please don’t rush them. Cherish your childhood. When the time is right you know who to turn to, you know who will be there. Just like everything else, Mommy will teach you about becoming a woman.

Mommy looks forward to experiencing life alongside you, the good and the bad, we can conquer all. Mommy’s words may not seem wise now but one day you will understand, a Mother should be her Daughter’s best friend.

Growing up from a sweet little girl into a mature woman is going to be the hardest thing you ever do in your life. Society puts a lot of mental stipulations on girls, please don’t fall into societies vortex. You are a strong minded child, do not let that quality fade. The world needs you to grow into that role, the world needs more strong minded women.

Your body, your mind and your soul are always going to be yours. No one can take those things from you unless you allow it. Please don’t allow them to do that. Always be who you want to be, you owe it to yourself. Mommy promises you won’t regret it later in life.

If you don’t remember anything else from this letter, please remember this-

If you have sex too early in life, you can get a STD and die.

Mommy loves you!


22 thoughts on “Dear Jenna

  1. People who just had children should not be allowed to read things like these they all hit me right in the feels. I love each and every one of the blogs I follow and I think this letter was great!

  2. If nothing else, aren’t you glad that blogs record all of our feelings towards our kids, our lives, our heartbreak, our joy and that it will be there for you and your family to read in years to come? I know your daughter will read this many, many times. Lovely!

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