My Buddy

I remember it like it happened yesterday, even though it was actually 23 years agoI was shopping with my mom, my grandma and my aunt, we were standing in line at the registers. The family in front of us had a little girl around my age. 

The little girl looked at my Aunt Lisa,  turned to her mom and said, “she looks funny. What’s wrong with her?”

I looked up at my mom, I think she heard the little girl, but she wasn’t acknowledging her. My grandma was examining items in her cart, I don’t think she heard her. I looked at Lisa, she was smiling and looking around. She was in her own peaceful world. Then I looked at the little girl and said, “shes special.”

I didn’t know the medical term for what Lisa was born with (Down Syndrome) but I knew she was special. Lisa was my buddy, it made me sad to hear the little girl say such a mean thing about her.

That was the day I asked my mom more about Lisa’s condition. That was also the day I loved Lisa more than before.

Lisa and I have always been best buddies. We played card games, board games and we would color for hours at a time. It never felt like she was 27 years old, it always felt like she was my age. (8)

Today my Aunt Lisa is coming to live with us. I’m very excited. I feel like her and I share an unspoken bond. I don’t know how long she’ll be with us or if she’ll even be happy here. I just know that we need to give it a shot because she’s still my buddy.




19 thoughts on “My Buddy

    • Thanks Murph. I’m hoping for the best. Right now thats about all any of us have, only hope.

      I’m worried because we haven’t spent much time together. I’m not sure about all of her needs. I don’t have much experience in special needs, but we have an abundance of love.

      • Is Lisa coming with any care tips at all? I surely hope that there’s some sort of plan for her.
        If you need help or have questions please contact me. I worked with special needs adults for many years in both home and work settings and helped observe and develop individual living plans for each person.
        My ears and door are always open hun.
        Best of luck to you ♡

      • No care tips. Im just trying to keep my house as close to my gmas house as possible and allow her to do the hobbies she enjoys. Aside from a few OCD traits she’s not that much to handle. It just takes patience and love. Both I have an abundance of 🙂

  1. I like your buddy. I’m glad she has you and you her. You’ll take care of each other. I hope your kiddos love her just as much. Blessings for you, your open heart and open mind.

    • I remember as a kid she always said, “Jenny, I love you. You’re my buddy…. yeah you’re my buddy, I like you a lot.”

      We haven’t spent much time together lately, we need to get to know eachother again. Im super excited to rekindle our friendship.

  2. I love that your aunt Lisa is still your buddy. I can feel the love you have for her in your words. Having her in your home will bring so much love and specialness to your family. I know this to be true, I had my sister in-laws sister Linda who was my buddy like Lisa is to you. Wishing you all the best. ❤️

  3. My stepmom’s family is huge & one of her brothers married a woman who had guardianship over her DS sister, Laurie. I’ll always remember the fun my thirty some odd cousins had on holidays with our buddy Laurie, never giving much thought to why she was so special until i was a teen &learned about DS in biology class. Reading this brought back a flood of awesome memories & longing for one of Laurie’s just a little too tight hugs & slobbery kisses! I hope you write more about your adventures with your special buddy as you guys embark on a whole new chapter of life together!

  4. I left a comment in the Bunker which you read but I wanted to leave a comment here um, just because I did. Gotta love our Down Syndrome babies!! I am grateful that my ex’s nephew opened my eyes to what kind and loving spirits they are. Wow, he was I think 33 when I left and although a grown man with his great personality and love and passion for country music he still had the eyes and spirit of a child and my inner child connected so quickly!! Great post, lassie!!!

  5. I love how kids see “normal” through the filter of their environment. When my son was 4 he had cancer. We were at the oncology clinic pretty much daily. My daughter was born into this world. She throughout it was perfectly normal to spend all day at the hospital and that everyone had a port in their chest for medicine! Lol

    I love this sweet, little post. And I can’t wait to read about your adult adventures with your aunt now!

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