Short Lived Magazine Dreams

I used to dream one day my house would be featured in a Designer Home Magazine. Good luck, Jenny! Then I looked around my living room and this was my view. Hahahah!


Yeah, a designer home article is never going to happen. With three kids under 6, I’m lucky to vacuum once a week.

So I thought back into my childhood. Did I ever design anything as a child? Yes. Yes I did and it was cute. I’ve always been fabulous! Though this doesnt qualify me for Style Magazine either.

We had this teacup poodle named Gie Gie. She weighed a whooping 3 pounds. She was my partner in crime. I used to take old clothes and cut them up, designing Gie Gie everything from jean skirts to vest. I was a hipster in animal clothing. I was a beast!

When we were in my room, Gie Gie acted mad. I don’t think she liked my designs as much as I did. But boy did she love strutting her stuff on the cat walk afterwards.

I would tell her to stay in my room. She always listened. I would run out to the living room and announce the fashion show was to begin. I was always so proud of my work. When I called Gie Gie into the living room she always came out with such spunk.

Gie Gie would prance all around the living room. From one person to the next she was always so happy at the reveal. Either that or she wanted someone to save her dignity by taking off the horrid clothes I designed. 


One thought on “Short Lived Magazine Dreams

  1. You sure were creative when you were a little girl. The most I could do was dress up my dog Bo in my brothers t-shirts and ball caps. Oh how I loved that dog, he put up with my silly kid notions. Let’s put a wig and a kerchief on him and then he’ll look like my beloved Gram. Thank you this was a great blog, it brought back a lot of happy memories for me. 🙂

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