Thank you for being a friend

Want in on an inside Brenny joke?

I can’t remember the exact conversation but I know it took place around 3 years ago. Brandon was telling me about this bright yellow Pontiac with the license plate “DEEVA”. I wish I could recall the conversation but it’s been so long.

A few days passed by and on my way to work at 5:30 am, a bright yellow car pulled out in front of me. The license plate read “DEEVA” I shit you not, it was the SAME car Brandon had just told me about. She went the same way as me almost my full route. I texted Brandon as soon as I got to work.

“Met Deeva this morning,” He laughed. It was so funny to us that we both had encountered this yellow Pontiac. Every couple of days, if I left at exactly 5:33 am she would pull out in front of me. Every time afterwards I would text Brandon about it. Deeva became a friend and she had no idea. We would see her all over town. It seemed like every 2-3 days we would see her.

When I became a SAHM, I really took the STAY AT HOME part to heart. I loved STAYING AT HOME. That meant, I hardly ever ran into Deeva. We still talked about her, Brandon still seen her, on occasion. It was hilarious to us. Who was this woman? Was her name Dee? What did she do for a living? I can’t speak for Brandon but I know I started coming up with these elaborate stories on Deevas life. I called her everything from a Midnight creeping mistress, a business lady working downtown, to a drug dealer. DEEVA WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING? It’s driving me freakin crazy!

Even though we still talked about her, I had feared she moved away. We hadn’t had a Deeva spotting for MONTHS! I shared my worries with Brandon of our old friend possibly moving. He kind of just shrugged it off. He obviously isn’t into Deeva as deep as I am. I told him I was thinking about doing a blog about her. He laughed; he couldn’t understand why I would write a whole story about this woman we had never even met.


I told him I thought it was a funny little insight into Brenny. We then started talking about specifics. I wanted to make sure I had the spelling of her license plate and the model of car right. I have to have my shit together when I lay the story line down. I can’t bullshit you guys. We couldn’t agree on the make or model of the car OR the spelling of Deeva. We hardly ever agree on specifics. Brandon may have had the car make and model right but I knew it was spelt Deeva and not Diva. I told him I was going to hold off on posting about her until I knew for sure what kind of car she drove.

The very next day, I was on my way to Walmart. I’m starting to think I don’t go anywhere else, all my good stories involve Walmart. I was preparing to turn onto a major street when I seen a yellow car, similar to Deeva, pulling into the same shopping center as Walmart, just up a few hundred feet. That car was avoiding the major street and taking the parking lot route while I usually do the opposite. In a split second decision I decide to follow the yellow car.  We had just talked about Deeva, could it be her? I had to know, I NEEDED to know.

By golly I’ll be damned… IT WAS DEEVA! Can’t help but think the higher power wants me to blog about her. So I did what anyone else in my position would do; I stalked her ass. Don’t judge me, I had to do it. We’ve been talking about her for about 3 years now. For once, I had to opportunity to see her. I could see Deeva!

Over the years we would joke about what we would do if we ran into her at a gas station or somewhere similiar wher we would be out of our cars and possibly be in a situation to talk to her. I remember saying I would act star struck and explain to her how over the years our paths had crossed. She probably has no idea that someone remembers her like this. We haven’t tried to stalk her, it just kind of happened. Until the other day when I did go above and beyond to stalk her, but even then it was by chance that we saw each other. Or that I saw her. It’s a cool kind of creepy though, I promise.

Would I have the nerve to approach Deeva in a parking lot? Hell no. Could I lay back and take creepy pics to prove to Brandon I seen her? Fuck yeah, you guys know how I roll. When I sent Brandon the pics he was blown away. DEEVA WAS BACK!

I waited around for a few minutes; I needed to see what she looked like. I didn’t take pics of her because that’s creepy and I deleted the pics of her car because that was for Brandon and me only. I don’t want to completely put her on blast. I am just flying high on cloud nine because I now know what Deeva looks like. She is not what I expected but she is absolutely a diva and completely freaking fabulously famous in my book.


If you’re reading this, we adore you.

Thank you for being a friend.




2 thoughts on “Thank you for being a friend

  1. Love it!! 🙂 so glad you got to see what she looked like. Will you ever have the nerve to talk to her? I will keep watching for the day you write about it!! 🙂

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